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Short Courses in 2020

Carsten Engelhard, University of Siegen, Germany:
Nanomaterials characterization by ICP-MS in single particle mode and related techniques
Jörg Feldmann, University of Aberdeen, Scotland:
Arsenic and mercury speciation in biological samples
Gary Hieftje, Indiana University, USA:
Glow Discharge: The most versatile source
Gary Hieftje, Indiana University, USA:
Make your lecture count

Karl Andreas Jensen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway:
Practical approaches to use reaction gases in ICP-QQQ-MS
Gunda Köllensberger, University of Vienna, Austria:
Title to be announced
R. Kenneth Marcus, Clemson University, USA:
Use of the orbitrap as an analyzer for isotope ratio mass spectrometry
Sascha Novak, Meet-Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology, Germany:
Title to be announced

Ilia Roduskhin, ALS, Luleå, Sweden:
Sources of contamination and remedial strategies

Jamie Orejas Ibanez, University of Oviedo, Spain:
Solution Cathode Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Steven J. Ray, University of Buffalo, USA:
Title to be announced
Rick Russo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA:
Breaking the acid dissolution habit - Laser ablation direct solid sample chemical analysis
Dirk Schaumloeffel, University of Pau, France:
Surface analysis techniques (LA-ICPMS, LIBS, SIMS) and their applications in elemental bioimaging
Jacob T. Shelley, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, USA:
Unique uses of plasmas: From molecular analysis to chemical synthesis

Michael Sperling, University of Münster, Germany:
Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry as a tool for bioimaging
Lu Yang, National Research Council Canada:
Isotope dilution for accurate, precise and SI traceable measurements

10th Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry
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